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Getting Started with the Easify eBay Connector


The Easify eBay Connector is an optional subscription based service from Easify, that allows you to connect Easify to eBay.

When you connect Easify to eBay, you can automatically upload products from Easify to eBay.

And when you have uploaded a product to eBay from Easify, the stock levels of the product will from that point onwards be kept in sync automatically.

So in other words, when you sell a product via your till or by raising an order in the Easify back-end, the change in stock level will automatically be sent to eBay.

Not only does this save you time you would have had to spend manually adjusting stock levels, it also allows you to list your products more quickly because you can use the ultra-fast Easify Pro application to enter your product listings, and you won't have to list your products using the eBay website which can be slow and clunky.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you use the Easify eBay Connector in conjunction with an Easify Cloud Server subscription. Though it is possible to use the eBay connector with an in-premises Easify Server and setup the firewall security yourself, it is more cost effective and reliable to use an Easify Cloud Server for ECommerce.

Getting Started

The first thing you will need is an Easify Cloud Server subscription, along with one or more Easify Pro User subscriptions.

NOTE: As mentioned above, it is possible to use the Easify eBay Connector with an in-premises Easify Server, however this can cause problems with PCI-DSS validation if you accept credit card payments at your premises, will take you significant time and resources to setup, and will mean that if there are ever any changes with your internet provider at your premises you will need to re-configure your Easify Server all over again. For these reasons we do not recommend the use of the Easify eBay Connector with an in-premises Easify Server.
If you do choose to use an in premises Easify Server you will need to ensure that it has been properly published to the internet according to step 1 and step 4 of this guide.

To get started with the Easify eBay connector you will need a monthly Easify eBay Connector subscription which is available here - Easify eBay Connector Monthly Subscription

When you purchase your subscription you will create a username and password that you can use when setting up the Easify eBay Connector.

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