Easify Server Overview

Easify Server Overview

Easify consists of basically two parts. The Easify Client (Easify Pro), and the Easify Server.

The Easify Client

The Easify Client is a Windows application that you use to manage your business. It allows you to view and edit records relating to all aspects of your business such as product list, customer records, orders, quotes, purchase orders, financial transactions etc...

The Easify Client handles all user interaction with Easify and provides you with a user interface to be able to manipulate and store your data. Your data is stored in a database in a central location, which is managed by the Easify Server.

The Easify Server

The Easify Server runs continuously in the Cloud or on one of your PCs, and handles all of the communications between the Easify Client and the database where all of your data is stored.

The Easify Server also handles the scheduling of repeat orders and purchases, and also the scheduling of automatic database backups.

If you use the ECommerce features of Easify, the Easify Server also handles communications between your website and Easify ensuring that product inventory gets synced with your website, and that orders placed via your website are posted back to Easify.

Automatic Server Discovery

Easify Servers feature automatic discovery by Easify Clients. That is, when you have an Easify Server running in the cloud or on your network, Easify Clients will be able to find the server and connect to it automatically without you needing to manually configure the client.

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