V4 Legacy Help - EPOS - Printing Receipts & Other Paperwork

EPOS - Printing Receipts & Other Paperwork

Printing receipts, quotes, invoices, job cards and delivery notes

The POS system can automatically print till receipts to a thermal receipt printer when you take payment for a sale.

Click here to learn more about configuring a receipt printer in Easify Pro.

With Easify you can also configure advanced POS printing options that allow you to automatically print other types of paperwork when you total the sale, such as invoices, delivery notes, job cards etc...

Click here to learn about configuring EPOS Advanced Print settings

You can also configure Easify so that instead of automatically printing paperwork when payment is taken, it will prompt you to ask what you would like to print each time.

In addition to printing when payment is taken, you can also manually print paperwork from the main POS screen by pressing the keyboard combination of Ctrl+P or pressing the Print button.

When you press the Print button the following window will appear:

The options that are selected by default here are those that are set in Easify Options under Advanced Print settings. However you are free to override the default settings to whatever you require at the time.

Re-Printing a Till Receipt

There may be times when you want to re-print a till receipt. Maybe the till receipt printer ran out of paper half way through printing and you want to re-print the till receipt for your customer.

To do this simply press the print button (or Ctrl+P) from the main POS window, and Easify will allow you to re-print paperwork for the previous sale.

NOTE: You must have sufficient permissions in Easify security to re-print paperwork. If you do not have sufficient permission you will be prompted for the username and password of an Easify user that is authorised to carry out this task. At this point you can ask someone with sufficient permission to authorise the task by entering their Easify credentials.

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