Troubleshooting - Installation Problems

Troubleshooting - Installation Problems


This article covers troubleshooting steps that you can take when you encounter installation problems with Easify software.

NOTE: If you are a non technical person, we always recommend that you use the services of an experienced IT Professional to resolve computer issues and to assist you in carrying out any technical tasks on your computer systems.

Minimum Requirements

The first thing to check if you encounter installation problems is that your computer system meets the Easify minimum requirements.

Click here to review the Easify minimum requirements.

Eliminate Computer / Operating System Issues

Prior to installation ensure that you have repeatedly run Windows Update until there are no more updates to install.

A common source of problems is that Windows simply hasn't been updated to the latest version.

Anti-Virus Software

Some brands of anti-virus software can interfere with the smooth running of Easify (and indeed other applications).

Easify is an application that was designed for network use, and even if only installed on a single standalone computer still makes use of internal network subsystems to communicate between client and server (even though these are on the same physical computer). Some anti-virus programs can interfere with this network traffic and cause connectivity problems in Easify.

Some Anti-virus software can interfere with files that are required while running Easify.

For these reasons we suggest that you temporarily disable your anti-virus software while installing Easify.

If you encounter problems running Easify after installation or encounter problems with connecting a network Easify client to a server, you should investigate whether your anti-virus software is conflicting with Easify. The easiest way to determine whether anti-virus software is conflicting with Easify is to temporarily disable your anti-virus software. However some anti-virus software does not fully disable itself when configured to be disabled and in this case the anti-virus software should be temporarily uninstalled and the computer rebooted before proceeding to troubleshoot Easify.

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