Running Easify Pro for the First Time

Running Easify Pro for the First Time

This article will walk you through what to expect the first time you run Easify Pro.

Once you have installed Easify Pro and have an Easify Server that you can connect to (you will have both of these things if you followed the article on Installing Easify for the First Time) you can double click the Easify Pro desktop shortcut to launch Easify Pro.

The first time you launch Easify Pro it will scan your network in order to discover Easify Servers to connect to...

After a few seconds, when the discovery is complete Easify Pro will display the Trial Dialogue box.

For now ignore the Install License and Cancel buttons and click the Continue Trial button. We will discuss how to install your Easify Pro license in another article.

All of the tasks that you will need to carry out to help run your business can be accessed via the Easify Main Window.

Across the top is a menu that provides access to all the main areas of the application.

To the left is a list (My Active Jobs) of your active jobs (any orders, purchases or quotations that you are assigned to, and that are not yet completed).

Also on the left are large shortcut buttons to the most commonly used areas of Easify.

To the right is the work area where the various Easify Windows will appear allowing you to do your work.

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