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Managing Easify Website Users


When you purchase a product via the Easify Website you will need to create an Easify Website User Account.

As you go through the checkout process you will add your company details, and because you added the company, you will be associated with that company in the Easify Website as an administrator. This means that you can manage that company record when you log into the Easify website and carry out tasks such as purchasing products for that company, or adding other Easify Website users that are associated with that company.

Why might you wish to add other Easify Website Users to your company in the Easify Website?

Well, any user that wants to use an Easify User Subscription will need to be associated with the company that is purchasing the subscription. Say you have three users in your company, and you want to buy them an Easify User Subscription, they will need to create an Easify Website User Account and have that account associated with the company that is buying the subscriptions.

Alternatively your Easify Licenses may have been bought on your behalf by an Easify Reseller who created your company record in the Easify Website. They will be able to manage the users for that company and will be able to add you as an Administrator of your own company so that you can then administer the Easify User Accounts associated with your company.

Assigning a user to a company

To assign a new user to a company, in the Easify Website go to the Home Menu and select Manage My Account.

Click the Manage Users button.

NOTE: If you are associated with multiple companies in the Easify Website, you will be prompted to select the company that you want to assign the Easify Website user account to. Otherwise you will be taken straight to the Manage Users page.

On the Manage Users page you will see a list of Easify Website users that are associated with your chosen company.

To assign the new user to the company, click the Assign an Existing Easify User Account to This Company button.

Enter the email address of the Easify Website account for the user you want to assign, and click the Assign User button.

We typically recommend leaving the users role as User, and not Administrator because Administrators have permission to edit other users in company they are assigned to in the Easify Website.

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