V4 Legacy Help - Total Value of Stock Report

Total Value of Stock

This report is a handy way of seeing how much stock you have at any one time.

At the top of the report you will see a summary of how the report is compiled. It is ordered alphabetically by the Product Category.

Things to note:

  • Any products that are marked as discontinued will STILL show on this report if there are items in stock.
  • You can only run off the report with todays data, not retrospectively. Therefore it is a good idea to run this report at the end your financial year, or at months end, if you need the data for your records.
  • You can save this report to .pdf using the save function.
  • You can print this report too using the print function.
  • You can use the Binoculars to search for a product category on the report.
  • You can use the Refresh button to refresh the data.

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