Product Info

Product Info

You can add product images to your products in Easify, along with HTML product descriptions and product tags.

Here you can see that no product information has been entered yet. To enter product information click the Create / Edit Product Info button.

The product info editor will open.

Adding a Product Image

Click the Load Image from File button, and browse to a picture file that you have previously saved to your computer or a network location to use for this product.

Your chosen image will be previewed in the product info editor.

NOTE: The image may have been resized and possibly compressed depending on the Product Info settings in Tools->Options->Products->Product Info.

The resulting image size is displayed above the image preview on the left, as you can see here 7.51 KB is a small file size. As a rule of thumb we recommend keeping image sizes below 100k and preferably below 25k to reduce database storage requirements.

Adding a Product Description

Now that we have an image, select the Description tab to go to the HTML description editor.

On the left is a WYSIWYG editor that you can enter your product description into, and apply basic styling and formatting to it.

For this example we are going to copy and paste a description from the manufacturers website.

We have pasted in the text, and clicked the Preview button.

Click OK to finish editing the product info.

Notice that the finished product info is now viewable in the product details info tab:

And that by scrolling down you can see the product description.

You can print product info by clicking the Print Product Info button. This is a handy way of instantly creating handouts to give to clients when discussing products at your point of sale.

Product Tags

Product Tags are another way to add more info to your products and are most useful when you want to add custom information that can be used by ecommerce websites.

For instance if you use the Easify WooCommerce plugin subscription to connect WooCommerce to your EPOS system, you can enter product tags in Easify which will be automatically uploaded to your website as WooCommerce product tags.

Each product tag consists of one or more words separated by commas e.g. Tag1, Tag Two, Tag 3 etc... The tags can be anything you want them to be.

Product tags can also be used in the Easify PaperWork designer, for example in hide formulas. In this way you could create a label in the paperwork designer that shows certain information depending on whether a specified tag is present. E.g. you could add a tag named "Recommended" and in the paperwork designer have a label where if the tag "Recommended" is present it displays a red star with the word "Recommended Product" on it.

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