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Adding a New eBay Channel

Before You Start

Before you start you will need to purchase an Easify eBay connector monthly subscription which is available here - Easify eBay Connector Monthly Subscription

When you purchase your subscription you will create a username and password that you can use when setting up the Easify eBay Connector.

Adding a new eBay Channel

To add a new eBay Connector (or "channel" as we sometimes refer to them because they are eCommerce Sales Channels), launch the Easify ECommerce Channel Manager.

Click here to learn more about the Easify ECommerce Channel Manager...

Click the Add button to create a new ECommerce Channel.

The ECommerce Channel Editor will appear...

  1. Select eBay Channel for the Channel Type.
  2. Note that an eBay Settings tab will appear, we will need this later.
  3. Enter a description, this can be anything that helps you identify the ECommerce channel. This is more important if you have multiple ECommerce Channels and need to distinguish between them.
  4. The remaining fields on the page are pre-set or do not need to be changed from their default settings.

Next select the Security tab...

  1. Enter your Easify eBay Connector Subscription username. This will be the username that you created when you purchased your Easify eBay Connector subscription.
  2. Enter the password that you set for your Easify eBay Connector Subscription when you purchased it. You will need to enter it twice to confirm that it has been typed correctly.
NOTE: If you have copied and pasted your password here, make sure you have not inadvertently included any stray spaces at the end of the password. This will result in you being told your username and/or password is incorrect.

Finally click the eBay Settings tab...

  1. As you use the Easify eBay Connector it is likely that there will be issues with some of the products that you upload to eBay. This is quite typical and to be expected, and could be things such as forgetting to set a stock level for a new product, or perhaps your item could not be listed because you have gone over your monthly eBay selling limit. When this happens, the Easify eBay Connector will email you to notify you that there is an issue so that you can then go in and rectify it. Here you can enter the email address that you would like to be notified at. Note that you can enter multiple recipients here separated by a comma.
  2. You will need to authorise Easify to be allowed to talk to your eBay Seller Account. Click the Link Easify to eBay button to begin the authorisation process.

When you click the Link Easify to eBay button, your default web browser will launch and take you to the eBay website so that you can authorise Easify to upload products to your eBay account.

NOTE: No products will be uploaded to eBay until you change the new ECommerce Channel status from paused (the default state) to resumed. Additionally, products will only be uploaded to eBay if they are set to be "Published". So when you link Easify to eBay it won't blindly upload all of your products to eBay unless you resume the ECommerce Channel and also set all of your product to be published.

Enter the username and password for your eBay account and click Sign In.

Click the Agree button to agree to link Easify to your eBay Account.

If all goes well, eBay will inform you that the process was a success and that you can close your browser window.

And the Easify Channel Editor window will show that it has been successfully linked to eBay.

You can now begin to configure your desired eBay Default Selling Options that will be used when you upload products to eBay.

Click here to learn about configuring eBay default selling options in Easify...

NOTE: Be aware that when you publish products from Easify to eBay, eBay will charge you listing fees. You will need to ensure that you understand that eBay will charge you for product listings, and that eBay will also limit how many products you can list in a given period. eBay will also charge you a listing fee if you un-publish a product and re-publish it again - this counts as a new listing. Therefore we recommend that you exercise caution when publishing products to eBay, and begin by publishing (listing) a single product at a time to get a feel for how the system works.

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