Easify Cloud

Your Easify... fully managed and hosted by us.

What is Easify Cloud?

Easify Cloud is a way of using Easify where for a nominal monthly fee we host your data for you on ultra-reliable and secure Microsoft Azure Cloud servers.

You still run the Easify Pro desktop app on your computer to login and use Easify, the difference is we take care of managing your Easify Server and you connect to your data over the Internet trouble free.

What are the benefits of Easify Cloud?


Use Easify Anywhere

Easify Cloud is the answer for when you need to access Easify on the go. Since all you require is an internet connection and a Windows laptop, PC or tablet, you can use Easify at home, in the office, site visits, on the road, trade shows and remote locations - anywhere you have an internet connection!


Peace Of Mind

Save yourself the time and hassle of worrying about security, maintenance, making backups and what to do if your computer fails. We take daily backups of your Easify data (and then backup the backups). If a computer goes wrong, simply replace it and re-install the Easify client software in a matter of minutes - all your data will be safe and secure with us.


Reduced IT Costs

Because we provide and maintain the physical server that your Easify Server runs on, you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on an expensive server, backup solution and uninterruptible power supply. Not only does this save you money on hardware costs, but you will also not need to pay IT support professionals' fees to maintain and configure your servers.


A Single Desktop App

Subscribing to Easify Cloud does not mean you have to use a web browser to access your data. You still get to use a high performance, native Windows desktop app (Easify Pro) for your day-to-day work while getting all the benefits of having your data stored in the Easify Cloud.


Includes Access to Easify Web

Easify Cloud Subscribers also get full unrestricted access to Easify Web. Now you can access all of your Easify reports on your Android smartphone or iPhone, and instantly see your days takings from anywhere. Easify Web also enables you to use your smartphone or tablet as a mobile barcode scanner allowing you to carry out realtime stock-taking wherever you are. Click here to learn more about Easify Web...


No Forced Updates

Some Cloud based products force you to use a newer version as soon as they release it. You have no choice in this, if they release an update - you have to use it. Some of the features you regularly use might be changed, and you end up having to re-acquaint yourself with the product all over again. With Easify Cloud, you get to stay with the version you are using for as long as you want to, and you choose when you want to upgrade to a newer version. We don't force updates on our users.


Perfect for E-Commerce

If you want to connect your physical shop to your online shop or to eBay, the Easify Cloud provides a secure and stable platform on which to build your ecommerce system. Because your Easify Server is located in the cloud, it is always on and available which means your ecommerce system is immune from broadband or power failures at your premises. So if your internet router goes wrong on a Saturday evening, you won’t need to make an unwanted journey into work to reset it – your ecommerce system will stay up and running.


Microsoft Excel Integration

With the Cloud Server you can connect Microsoft Excel to your Easify Server and pull out whatever data you want and view it how you want. A great way to run off bespoke reports, or to export your data to CSV files.


Priority Support

Easify Cloud subscribers care about their business systems and want to make sure they are always available and working properly. We match that commitment by always providing priority support to our cloud customers. So no matter what the issue, an Easify Cloud subscriber will always be at the front of the queue when it comes to getting help with a problem.

Which technology does Easify Cloud run on?


Microsoft Azure Cloud

Easify Cloud is hosted on one of the world's leading cloud infrastructures (Microsoft Azure). Our Easify Cloud servers run on the latest server grade hardware using Intel Xeon processors to ensure maximum performance.

Our cloud servers are continually and automatically monitored so that in the event of a server hardware failure, the cloud server will be automatically replaced by the data centre within a few minutes and brought back online with no intervention.

What about Security and GDPR?


SSL / TLS Encryption

Security comes as standard too, all of your data is secured using 256 bit SSL/TLS encryption giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure. What's more your data will be securely backed up by us to multiple physical sites (all within the Azure Cloud in North Europe) so that whatever happens your data will be safe.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Using an Easify Cloud Server is completely transparent to your PCI-DSS compliance requirements, and will not affect it one bit.

Because we handle all of the security on our Azure cloud Servers, you don't need to make any changes to your network that might cause problems with PCI-DSS compliance. So no matter what credit card processor you use, you can continue to remain compliant.


Easify Cloud also complies with the latest GDPR regulations and more information about this topic can be found here.



Easify Cloud Server Subscription

£29 / month


Easify Cloud User Subscription

£7.99 / month

Note: The minimum sign-up term for a Cloud subscription is only 30 days.

What do I need to get started?

Here is what you would need in order to set up 1 company and grant access for 1 user *

  • 46x32 Easify Cloud Server Subscription x 1 Add to Cart
  • 46x32 Easify Pro User License Subscription x 1 Add to Cart
  • Internet Connection
  • PC, Tablet or Laptop running Windows 7 or above.

* Additional users can be added at any time. Each additional user would require an Easify Pro User License Subscription.

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