Easify features a powerful purchasing system that enables you to record, track and manage your purchases.

Not only can you record purchases for stock, you can also use the purchasing system to record purchases for any other day to day items such as shop fittings, tools, fuel, even your rent rates and heating.

The Easify purchasing system works in a similar manner to the Orders and Quotes system in that you can raise a new purchase, assign people to work on it and even keep internal notes related to the purchasing process.

Your staff can raise purchases for the things that they need and add detailed notes describing why they need the purchase, or what should be purchased and where from. They can also set a Date Required to indicate to purchasing staff when they would like the items purchased by.

Purchase orders can be printed from any of your purchases, and you can even check purchased items into stock as they arrive.

If when placing a purchase with a supplier for stock items Easify detects that any of the purchase prices have changed, you are given the option to 'backflush' the changed prices into your Easify database. Easify will then use the updated price for those products and will record the date that the product price was updated.

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