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Easify Cloud Server

Choose this option if you would like your Easify Server hosted and managed by us in the cloud (Recommended Option) *.

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*Note: Easify Cloud Server is accessed by installing and using the super fast Easify Pro V4 Windows desktop software on your computer. No logging in to slow, laggy web pages in your browser!

 Download Easify On-premises 30 Day Free Trial

Easify On-premises

Choose this option if you prefer to install and host Easify on your own computers within your own premises (classic installation).

Email address is required so that we can email you your download link!

Latest Version 4.69 - 231Mb - Release Date 17th December 2019

Easify Download Link

  • Enter your email address and click the button to the left and we will email you a link where you can download Easify.
  • The email address that you provide here will only be used to send you your download link, and will not be used for any other purpose.
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Free Trial - no data

  • Choose this option if you would like to start from scratch with no pre-populated data or settings.
  • Company Name: Enter the name of your company e.g Easify Electricals Ltd
  • Description: Enter a description of your company. This will be for your own reference and won't appear on paperwork. E.g "Electrical supplies", "Food Retailer", "Brighton Branch" etc...

With this option you get to use the Easify Cloud Server with full functionality for 30 days, and if you want to continue to use it beyond the trial period, simply purchase a subscription and all of your data will remain intact.

Free Trial - with data

  • Choose this option if you would prefer to use the system with some products, customers and orders for a fictional company called "Easify Electricals Ltd" already setup for you.
  • This option is handy if you want to quickly evaluate Easify without having to enter your own data (Products, Customers etc...) from scratch. You can browse through the existing data to see how it all works, and practice adding new products, raising order, running reports etc...

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