Orders & Quotes Main Window

Orders & Quotes Main Window

Probably the most important part of Easify is the Orders & Quotes main window.

It is from here that you will create quotes for your customers, turn quotes into orders, progress orders through various stages to completion at which point you can print invoices and track payments made.

For the remainder of this help file we will refer to quotes and orders simply as orders. After all, a quote is just an order that hasn't been placed yet.

You can open the Orders & Quotes window either by clicking the Orders & Quotes button in the bottom left of the Easify main window, or by selecting Orders & Quotes -> View Orders & Quotes from the Easify main menu.

The Orders & Quotes window gives you an instant view of all the orders and quotes that you have raised in Easify.

Filtering Your View of Orders & Quotes

On the toolbar are a number of filters that you can apply in order to narrow the view down to just the items that you are interested in. When you first open the orders & quotes window your initial view will be of all active orders that were raised within the current year. This gives you easy access to your current workload.


To search for an order enter your search in the search text box and click the button. The order list will be narrowed down to only the orders that contain your search text.

Filtering by Order Status

You can narrow your view down to show orders of a particular status such as Quote, Awaiting Parts, On Hold, Complete etc... Click here for a description of all the Easify order statuses.

Filtering by Paid / Not Paid

You can easily see who's paid and not paid for an order by selecting Paid or Unpaid from the Paid drop down list filter. To view both paid orders and unpaid orders select blank in the Paid drop down list.

Filtering by Invoiced / Not Invoiced

Use this filter to view which orders have been invoiced and which ones haven't. In combination with the Paid filter you can easily see which orders are invoiced but not yet paid.

Filtering by Year

Over the years you will hopefully win and complete many orders, when using the Orders & Quotes window you won't want to see orders from years ago. For this reason when you first open the Orders & Quotes window the view is filtered to the current year. You can view orders for other years by selecting the year you want in the Year drop down list filter. If you wish to view orders for all years, select blank in the Year drop down list filter.


As with most windows in Easify you can click the column titles to sort a column by that value. This is a handy way to group similar type of orders. For example if you click the Status column heading all orders of a similar status will be grouped together. Similarly sorting by Date Due (if you schedule your orders) will group orders that are due on the same date.

Customising the Orders & Quotes Window

You can choose which columns to display by right clicking any where within the Orders & Quotes Window and selecting Choose Columns.

NOTE: You may not have permission to view all of the available columns. Your system administrator can grant you permission via Easify Security settings if appropriate.

You can also drag the columns of the Orders & Quotes window into whichever order you prefer.

Working With Orders & Quotes

It's one thing being able to navigate your way around your orders and quotes, you will also need to be able to raise new orders, open them and create copies of them if desired.

To raise a new order or quote, click the button or from the Easify Pro main menu select Orders & Quotes -> Add New Order.

NOTE: Easify always raises a new order as a Quote, unless you have changed the default order status under Tools->Options->Orders & Quotes->Order Statuses

You may then change the status of a Quote into an active order should the customer decide to go ahead and purchase the goods or products.

To view the details of, or to edit an order select the order and click the button, or on the Easify Pro main menu select Orders & Quotes -> Edit Selected Order. You can also achieve this by double clicking an order.

If you wish to copy an order, select the order you want to copy and click the button, or on the main menu select Orders & Quotes -> Create Copy of Selected Order. Alternatively you can right click on an order and select "Create Copy of Selected Order".

NOTE: Copying an order is a great way of saving time when issuing complex quotes. If you often quote for something that comprises many products and or services, then create a quote for it, and simply create a copy whenever you need it.

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