Easify Features

What is Easify?

Easify is a software application that runs on PCs and laptops running Microsoft Windows™.

It provides you with a wide range of tools to help you run your small business including stock control, invoicing, quoting, purchasing, EPOS software, cashbook and more...

All this comes in one easy to use yet powerful software package, and at a price that means it will pay for itself in next to no time.

What does Easify do?

Whatever the type and size of your business from sole trader to multi-department company, and no matter which country in the world you operate in, Easify gives you all of the software tools you need to run your business - all in a single easy to use application.

From first contact with a prospective customer, to quoting them for a job, to tracking the progress of their order, to billing and recording cash flow. Easify helps to automate every stage freeing you to spend more time doing business.

All of the above features are built into Easify as standard, with the exception of eCommerce which you can choose to purchase separately if you need it.

If you don't need all of these features? No problem, with Easify you just use the features that you want.

   Easify Stock Control Features

Manage your products & services with Easify and instantly know how much you have in stock.

Easify's stock allocation software allows you to allocate and reserve products against orders.

As you sell products your stock levels are automatically adjusted. You can even print reports to tell you what you need to order for stock and for order fulfilment.

Easily print price lists for your products, both trade and retail pricing supported.

  • Record detailed information about your Stock, Products or Services
  • Set prices using margin, markup or inc. VAT prices
  • Record stock levels which are automatically depleted as you sell
  • Colour coded stock list tells you when stock levels are low
  • Create and customise your own stock categories
  • Set re-order levels for stock items
  • Display of when an item was last price checked
  • Display of when an item was last stock checked
  • Record EAN codes for stock items
  • Print price / barcode labels for stock items
  • Set tax rates for individual stock items
  • Record a variety of stock details - supplier SKU, manufacturer SKU, your SKU etc...
  • Full stock allocation system, allocate products and never oversell your stock
  • Publish your products to pricelists, and easily print pricelists for retail or trade
  • Set product default margins by product category and subcategory
  • Import products into Easify from CSV or TAB files
  • Automatically update stock levels when purchases are checked into Easify
  • Automatically change prices if they are updated during a purchase

   Easify Customer Management Features

Store details of your customers with Easify's CRM features and easily view their order history.

Quickly and easily create quotes for your customers, and easily turn them into orders.

Import your existing customer lists, or export from Easify to build mailing lists.

Set credit limits for customers and instantly see who owes you money, how much they owe and how long they have owed it for.

  • Easily store 1000's of customer records
  • Record customer delivery details
  • Append notes to customer records
  • Simplifies management of your business workflow
  • View complete order history for customers
  • Search for customers by name, address or even phone number
  • Set payment terms for each customer
  • Export Easify customers to file for easy import into Excel
  • Import customers from CSV file into Easify
  • Set credit limits for your customers
  • Setup trade customers and automatically use trade pricing for them
  • Instantly see which customers owe you money and how long they have owed it for
  • Print financial statements for customers and print to PDF or paper

   Easify Suppliers Features

Record your supplier details and keep their details at your fingertips.

Easily raise and issue purchase orders for your suppliers.

  • Enter details for all your suppliers
  • Easily store supplier address and contact details
  • Assign suppliers to your stock items
  • Keep notes for each supplier
  • Raise purchase orders for your suppliers
  • Record credit limits and payment terms for suppliers

   Easify Quotation Features

Easily create professional looking quotations for your products and services, print them or send them to your clients as PDFs.

You can even add printable comments to each item on a quote if clarification is required.

Track which quotes you are working on, and which quotes have been completed and sent.

  • Easily create quotes by dragging and dropping your stock items and customers
  • Print professional looking quotes for your customers
  • Create 'sanitised' quotes that hide line item cost showing only total price
  • Give your clients quote numbers so that you can easily retrieve their information
  • Make copies of quotes as a basis for new quotes
  • Print quotes to PDF for ease of emailing to clients
  • Add printable comments to each item on your quotes
  • Track which quotes are in progress and which quotes are complete
  • Print estimates when you are not working to a fixed price

   Easify Order Features

Turn quotes into orders at the click of a button.

Easify helps you track your orders and make sure they are completed on time.

Know who has paid you and who hasn't at a glance.

  • Convert quotes into orders at the click of a button
  • Comprehensive order management screen displays everything you need to know
  • View all active orders
  • Modify order status as jobs progress to instantly know the status of an order
  • Record the source of an order i.e. internet, shop sale, business sale, etc...
  • Track and view individual status of line items within an order
  • Colour coded order management screen shows you late payers and job schedule status
  • Easily search for orders by order number, company or customer name
  • Keep detailed internal notes for each order and be notified by email when they are updated
  • Assign orders to users
  • Schedule jobs
  • Easily view your jobs using the Easify Active Jobs List
  • Filter the order management screen to show whether orders have been invoiced and paid
  • Record hours spent per user on each order for easy time billing
  • Add detailed comments to each line item in an order
  • Easily print invoices and record when they are sent
  • View the gross profit for an order discreetly at the click of a button
  • Print job cards for orders including items required and internal notes
  • View and set status of each line item i.e. In Stock/Out of Stock/On Order etc...
  • Set tax rates by individual line item
  • Assign trade prices to entire orders
  • Record payments made for each order including deposits
  • Instantly access orders taken via EPOS system
  • Print invoices to PDF for ease of emailing to clients

   Easify EPOS Features

Easify features a full EPOS system as standard. Simply plug in a till, barcode scanner & receipt printer and Easify your shop front.

Easify EPOS is fully integrated with the rest of the system meaning you only need one software product to run your entire operation.

Network as many Easify tills as you need.

  • Fully featured EPOS software capability included as standard
  • Compatible with a wide range of EPOS hardware i.e. Till drawers, barcode scanners, receipt printers
  • Add items to sales via barcode scanner or manual entry
  • View live stock levels and allocations in the POS
  • Add items to sales via text search directly from POS
  • Edit line item comments from POS system
  • Add new customer records directly into POS system
  • Modify sale item prices
  • Save and recall sales at the click of a button
  • Can be driven by keyboard or mouse input
  • Take payments via Cash, Card, Cheque or other means
  • Take part payments and deposits
  • Fully network ready - add as many tills as you like
  • Stock levels depleted automatically as items are sold
  • One click returns / refunds
  • Customise the EPOS display with your own logo
  • Process orders on account via POS
  • Automatically uses trade pricing for your trade customers
  • Warns operator if customer exceeds their credit limit
  • Notifies you if you are overselling allocated stock items

   Easify Purchasing Features

With a built in and powerful purchasing system, you can easily record and manage your purchases.

Create purchase orders and print them to PDF or paper.

Check your stock in when it arrives, and update stock levels automatically.

Track and search purchased products by their serial numbers.

  • Record your purchases in Easify
  • Create purchase orders for your suppliers
  • Automatically back-flush changed prices from purchases into your Easify product inventory
  • Check in items as they arrive and automatically update your stock levels
  • Raise purchases for non stock items such as petty cash purchases, fuel, expenses etc...
  • Record internal notes on each purchase
  • Enter schedule information such as date required, date ordered, date expected etc...
  • Record serial numbers of items when they arrive
  • Search for purchases containing a serial number, ideal for warranty processing
  • Track the status of your purchases from creation to receipt
  • Record payment details for purchases
  • Allow staff to raise purchase requests for purchasers to fulfil
  • Search purchase history by supplier, invoice number or item serial number
  • Assign purchases to your Easify users

   Easify Paperwork Designer Features

With the built in Easify Paperwork Designer you can fully customise your public facing paperwork to look just how you want it.

Not only can you fully customise your Estimates, Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Price Labels, you can even create your own customised documents and forms that can be printed from wherever you choose within Easify.

  • Fully customise your public facing paperwork such as Estimates, Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders etc...
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) user interface
  • Create customised price labels, price tickets and shelf edge labels at any size
  • Customisable print menus allow you to print what you want where you want in Easify
  • Modify existing paperwork such as invoices to contain whatever data you want
  • Powerful formula editor allows you to precisely format what appears on your paperwork
  • Easify add graphics such as company logos to your paperwork with a few clicks
  • Paperwork designs are stored in the database for instant deployment to all your Easify users

   Easify Messaging Features

Easify has a powerful built in messaging system, instantly receive email updates whenever the status of an order is updated. Even when you're out on the road.

Keep detailed notes for every job you do. Easify allows you and your staff to record job notes as your orders are progressed.

  • Easily add internal notes and comments to your orders and purchases
  • Receive email notification the instant an internal note is updated
  • Managers can choose to receive email notification of all internal notes
  • Review previous internal notes to help resolve customer disputes

   Easify Security Features

Give your users access to only the areas they need to do their jobs.

Detailed audit trail allows management to view Easify transaction history, see who has done what and when they did it.

  • Built in security system - only authorised users can login to Easify
  • Set permissions by user - you decide which features of Easify a user can access
  • Users can change their own passwords
  • Administrators have full control over all users
  • Easify passwords encrypted for maximum security
  • Easily disable or enable user accounts

   Easify Reporting Features

Detailed reports tell you the status of your business whenever you need it.

Detailed reporting of sales, payments received, product sales by category, products needed to order etc... etc...

  • Instantly view list of items required to fulfil orders
  • Create report of all active jobs and orders
  • Full reporting of sales for selectable date range
  • Print stock take sheets to assist with stock taking
  • View payments received for date range including payment type
  • View product sales for period by product category
  • View product sales for period by supplier
  • Who owes you money (aged debtors)
  • Print customer statements to PDF or paper
  • Who you owe money (aged creditors)
  • Items needed to re-order
  • Detailed audit history, see what your Easify users have been doing
  • Purchase reports tell you what you have spent for a given period
  • Export Sales and Purchases to CSV to send to your accountant

   Easify Knowledgebase Features

A built in knowledgebase helps you centralise your valuable business knowledge.

Don't keep vital information in people's heads, get them to pop it into the knowledge base.

  • Built in knowledgebase to store and centralise your valuable company information
  • Create and edit your own knowledgebase categories
  • Create and edit your own knowledgebase articles
  • Ideal for storing staff information such as company handbook, crib sheets, etc...

   Easify General Features

Easify is supports multiple network connected users straight out of the box.

Easify has built in support for 240 world currencies and can be customised to support any that aren't listed.

Now you can Easify your business no matter which country you are located in.

  • Easy to backup and restore
  • Simplifies management of your business workflow
  • Runs on any PC running Microsoft Windows7 or later
  • Powerful SQL based design gives you extreme performance and storage capability
  • Easy to purchase, one version does everything with no expensive modules to buy
  • Easy to use by you and your staff - a minimum of training required
  • Works brilliantly on a single PC or a network. Built for networking
  • Stay connected with your business workflow via email notifications of order updates
  • Free support by email and forums

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