Introducing Easify Web (beta)

Access your Easify reports on any device, anywhere - with 'Easify in a Browser'...

  • Works on any device...

    Easify web can be accessed via any modern web browser. Use it on iPhone, Android, Linux, Windows etc...

  • Included FREE with an Easify Subscription

    Easify Web (beta) is included in your Easify Subscription at no extra cost.

  • Log into Easify Web (beta) now

Easify Web (beta) allows you to instantly view your real-time sales figures on your mobile device from anywhere with an internet signal.

Easify Web is currently an open beta, which means it is a work in progress that we want to share with you now that it has reached a high level of reliable functionality.

Currently Easify Web features a real-time dashboard that displays your sales stats as well as your active jobs list. It also allows you to view any report that exists in Easify Pro, for the date range of your choice.

We hope you find these new features useful, and that you continue to provide us with feedback about Easify Web (beta) as we continue to add more and more features to it.

Try it for yourself!


What does 'Beta' mean?

Beta means that Easify Web is still in the process of development, but we want to share the code with you now. So rather than release Easify Web as a completed feature in 12 months time, we would rather let you take advantage of the many benefits it offers, whilst allowing you to tell us what you would like to see in it as we develop it.

What do I need to be able to use Easify Web?

If you use Easify via an Easify Cloud Server subscription, you can access Easify Web straight away without having to do anything. If you have a traditional Easify Installation (in-premises) you will need to purchase an Easify Subscription for each user that wants to access Easify Web, and also make sure your Easify Server is configured to allow remote access. NOTE: We recommend using an Easify Cloud Server if you want to take advantage of Easify Web as everything will be pre-configured for you and you won't have to configure remote access yourself.

I already have an Easify Subscription, can I use Easify Web?

Yes, as long as you have configured your Easify Server to allow remote access, you can use Easify Web straight away.

How do I access Easify Web (beta)?

Simply go to the Easify Website, click the Home menu item and then click Easify Web (beta).

Can I access Easify Web on any device?

Yes, pretty much any device that has a modern web browser can access Easify Web (beta). Easify Web (beta) is written entirely in HTML5 so it is not restricted to a particular device or app store.

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