Product Condition

Product Condition

Product Condition allows you to specify the condition of the item e.g. whether it is new, second hand, refurbished etc...

Product Condition: Choose a suitable product condition from the drop down list.

Notes about product condition: Here you can enter details about the product condition e.g. any known faults or defects, or other information that would relate to the sale of the product.

NOTE: If you sell second hand products and want to record individual notes about the item condition, you will need to create a separate product for each item in Easify.

Product condition can be used by you to help differentiate between new products and second hand products, you can also add the condition and condition notes to paperwork using the Paperwork Designer.

Product condition is also useful if you are using an Easify eBay connector subscription to link your Easify EPOS System to eBay.

If you only sell new products you can ignore these settings as when you create a new product it will be created with new condtion by default.

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