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Loyalty Points Report

Easify includes a Loyalty Points system whereby your customers can earn points when they buy from you. These points can then be offset against future purchases.

The Loyalty Points Report records how many loyalty points customers have redeemed.

The Loyalty points system is optional and can be activated under Tools->Options->Products->Loyalty Points where you can also set the redemption value of a point, i.e. how much each point is worth (green arrow) and how many points your customers earn per £ spent (blue arrow).

You can also award additional loyalty points on specific products, or award them manually to customers.

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In the scenario below, our customer Ned Johnson has earned 2000 loyalty points with us. As our settings mean that each point is worth 1p (as shown with green arrow above), this equates to £20.00 in loyalty points:

If he was to purchase some goods from us and ask to spend his loyalty points on the sale:

This transaction would be recorded on the Loyalty Points Report:

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Things to note:

  • Only customers who have redeemed loyalty points will show on this report.
  • Customers who have earned points but not redeemed any, will not show on this report.
  • You can see how many points a customer has earned under the loyalty points tab on the Edit Customer window.
  • You can only run off the report with todays data, not retrospectively. Therefore it is a good idea to run this report at the end your financial year, or at months end, if you need the data for your records.
  • You can save this report to .pdf using the save function.
  • You can print this report too using the print function.
  • You can use the Binoculars to search for a product category on the report.
  • You can use the Refresh button to refresh the data.

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