General Information About Easify

What is Easify?

Easify is a software package for Windows that helps you to run your small business. It provides you with an easy way to keep track of your products, your customers and your orders. You can use it to create quotes and invoices for your customers, and to keep track of who has paid you and who hasn't.

Click here for an overview of Easify.

What version of Easify do I need?

Easify V4 is the latest and most up to date version of Easify. Therefore we would highly recommend you go with Easify V4 rather than Easify V3.

The only reason we'd suggest going with Easify V3 is if you can only install onto a Windows XP or Vista machine. This is because Easify V4 is not compatible with Windows XP or Vista.

NOTE: Easify V3 EASU users that connect to their websites will need to remain at Easify V3 until a V4 connector is developed for their brand of shopping cart software.

Please contact us for details.

How much does Easify cost?

Please read our Pricing guide that explains the costs involved with setting up Easify and any on going costs, if applicable.

Are there any ongoing costs such as subscriptions or support fees?

You can purchase Easify for a once of cost, no ongoing fees, please read our pricing guide for more information.

There are various subscription options available for advanced features such as remote access and postcode lookups but these are optional and not required to use Easify.

What countries and currencies are supported in Easify?

Easify supports all world currencies and can be used in any country. You can customise the tax rates in Easify to match those that are used in your country.


How is Easify licensed?

Please read our Licensing guide.

Does Easify need to be activated?

Yes. You have 30 days from installing Easify before you are required to activate it.

You can activate the product online, or via email and telephone. If you do not activate Easify within the 30 day trial period it will cease to run.

Easify Financial Questions

Will Easify support HMRC Making Tax Digital for Business (MTD) for the April 2019 deadline?


We are currently (as of January 2019) completing the integration with HMRC and will be adding a number of new features to easify to support MTD over the coming months.

By April 2019 we will release a new account reconciliation system, some changes to the way billing is done for sales orders and also the ability to generate your VAT return for a period and submit it to HMRC electronically.

Does Easify support VAT registered users, and will it handle changes in the basic rates of VAT?

Absolutely and absolutely. Easify has full support for UK VAT registered companies, with facilities for you to edit basic rates of VAT.

You can even add new VAT rates should the need arise, and fully customise VAT codes to tie in with your preferred way of working.

Does Easify support non VAT registered users?

Yes, you can tell Easify whether you are registered for VAT and it will adapt accordingly.

Easify seamlessly supports changing from non VAT registered status to VAT registered status, and back again should the need arise.

Managing Workflow with Easify

How does Easify help me manage my company's workflow?

With Easify you have the facility to easily view and edit the status of every order on the system, you can track whether an order is at the quotation stage, whether it is in design, in test, being built, awaiting parts etc... etc...

Add and assign users to orders. If you run a service or production department, give each of your staff a copy of Easify and add them to Easify as users. You can then assign them to orders and they will see the orders they are involved with in their active jobs list. They will also receive email notifications when any internal notes are added to an order they are assigned to.

Easify also features a basic scheduler that allows you to specify when an order is required.


Does Easify include EPOS software?

Yes, included with Easify and at no additional cost is a fully featured EPOS system.

Simply plug in a barcode scanner, till and receipt printer and you're ready to go.

What costs are involved with a general EPOS setup?

Easify includes the EPOS software at no additional cost.

An additional cost to consider involves EPOS hardware. Typically this would be needed if you are setting up a shop counter in a retail environment. The typical setup includes a receipt printer, cash draw, barcode scanner and pole display.

We offer a full range of Easify certified EPOS hardware for online purchase here.

What EPOS hardware is supported by Easify?

Easify was designed to be compatible with a wide range of EPOS hardware.

We offer a full range of Easify certified EPOS hardware for online purchase here.

Easify will work with any standard barcode scanner, and is compatible with most thermal receipt printers. Easify also works with many label printers that use 50mm x 25mm labels, but can be customised, using our Paperwork Designer, to work with different sizes.

How many tills can I run with Easify?

You can connect as many tills as you like, there is no limit imposed by Easify as to how many tills you can run.

Can I print my own product price labels from Easify?

Absolutely, simply connect a thermal label printer capable of printing 50mm x 25mm labels and you will be printing price labels customised with your own company name on them in no time. The price labels printed from Easify have your company name, your product description, your stock code, barcode and price on them - ready to scan into your Easify EPOS till.

You can purchase an Easify compatible label printer here.

Can I manage my EPOS system from the back office computer?

Yes, if you network your back office computers with your EPOS till computers, and providing you have purchased a valid Easify license for each computer, you can connect all your tills with your back office computers.

Any stock management you carry out in the back office will be immediately available on the tills, any transactions run through the tills will be immediately available to the back office.

Can I manage my EPOS system from home or out on the road?

Yes you can, please consult our licensing guide to find out more about remote access.

Receipts print with the wrong currency symbol

If you find that the prices on your receipts are printed with the wrong or a corrupted currency symbol the likely cause is that your receipt printer is set to use the wrong codepage.

Easify uses codepage 850 (Multilingual) for printing receipts, this can either be set in your receipt printer driver or by sending the relevant escape code to your printer.

If you are using a thermal receipt printer that you purchased from us, simply add the value 27,116,2 to the end of your Till Open Command in Tools->Options->EPOS. This escape code will set the printer to use the correct codepage.

How to enter payments when processing returns and refunds

When you are processing a return or a refund via the POS that involves a payment being made to your customer, the payment must be entered as a negative value in the payments screen (F12).

So if a customer returns an item to you that was originally purchased for £5, simply add the item to a sale in the POS, press F7 to set it to a return, then press F12 to total the sale and enter -5 in the relevant payment box (Cash, Card etc...).


What are the minimum requirements for installing and running Easify?

Easify will run on any PC or Laptop running Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. As well as all versions of Windows Server from 2003 onwards.

NOTE: systems running Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP2 are NOT compatible with Easify V4 but ARE compatible with Easify V3.

If you are running a version of Windows prior to Vista we recommend you have 2Gb RAM. For computers running Windows Vista or later we recommend 4Gb RAM. Easify will still run with less RAM but performance will be reduced.

We recommend you have at least 1Gb free disk space to run Easify.

Will Easify run on Windows 10?

Absolutely! Easify V3 and Easify V4 are fully compatible with Windows 10.

How do I setup my EPOS hardware to work with Easify?

Easify works with a wide range of EPOS hardware. If you purchased your EPOS hardware from a 3rd party vendor they will be able to provide you with setup instructions for your hardware.

For EPOS hardware supplied by Easify please see our EPOS Hardware Installation Guides.

What Firewall Ports do I Need to Open for Easify V4 Server?

You can find out which port the Easify Server is currently running on by checking the Easify Connection Manager, accessed via Easify Pro client here Tools > Easify Connection Manager.

The port number can also be found by checking the Easify Server Log accessible via the Easify Server Manager on the Easify server computer.

For external firewall port forwarding please consult our Easify Server publishing guide

I'm having trouble getting an Easify Pro client to connect to an Easify Server.

Please consult our connectivity issues troubleshooting guide.


Does Easify support multiple users? can I network it?

Yes and yes. Easify was designed for multiple user environments from the start. During installation you can designate one of your computers to be an Easify server and all other Easify computers (clients) will connect to the designated Easify server.

Can I access Easify from anywhere?

Yes. You can access Easify from anywhere over the internet using our remote access feature.

Please consult our licensing guide to find out more about remote access.

How many simultaneous users does Easify support?

Easify imposes no limit on how many users can simultaneously use it as long as a valid license has been purchased for each user.

Since Easify is a product designed for, and aimed at small businesses, we generally consider the practical limit to be 50 users.

Can I use Easify over a VPN connection?

You do not need a VPN connection to securely talk to your Easify Server over the internet.

Please consult our licensing guide to find out more about remote access.

Will Easify be available on the cloud?

Yes, we have plans for a cloud hosted Easify Server service and will release more information soon.

This subscription based service will allow you to access Easify from anywhere over the internet and from any computer installed with the Easify Pro client software.

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