Order Types Options

Order Types Options

When you create an order or a quote you can set what type of order or quote it is.

We have created a list of order types that will suit many businesses, but the odds are that you will wish to customise the list of order types to exactly suit your business model.

You can customise your order types list via the Order Types options.

The Shop order type appears in bold because it is the default order type that Easify uses when raising orders via the Point of Sale. You cannot delete this order type but you can rename it if you want to.

Note: When you print a sales report, a summary of sales by order type appears at the end of the report. This is a great way of seeing which types of order brought in how much revenue. For example if you sell products via the internet and also by telephone order you can set your orders to be Internet or Telephone. Then when you run your sales report for a period you will be able to see how much business came from the internet and how much came via telephone orders.

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