Finance - Payment Plan Calculator

Finance - Payment Plan Calculator

The Payment Plan calculator is accessed by clicking the calculator button on an instalment:

Use it to set an instalment's amount to a percentage of the order total.

Enter a custom percentage and then click the % button:

Or use one of the preset buttons.

Remainder button

When you open the calculator on an instalment and click this button it will set the instalment amount to whatever the difference is between the order total and any existing instalments.


Order Total = £100.
1st Instalment = £60.

Order Total = £100.
1st Instalment = £60.
2nd Instalment = £40.

If you click on the 2nd instalment, open the calculator and click the Remainder button, it will automatically set the value of the 2nd instalment to £40.

VAT Rounding button

Sometimes VAT rounding will occur on an Instalment. A common example is if the Order total ends in an odd number and there are only 2 instalments on a Payment Plan:

  • Before Adjustment

    The Order Total is £49.99 but the calculator has been used to set the 1st and 2nd instalments to 50% each.

  • After Adjustment

    After clicking on the calculator button on either of the instalments and then clicking on the VAT rounding button, the system has adjusted one of the instalments to account for the VAT rounding.

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