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Easify - the Only Business Software You Need

Using Easify Business Software to help you run your business you can manage your products, services, customers, quotes and orders - all from a single easy to use software package.

Easify features a built in EPOS system that allows you to easily setup and use a till, receipt printer and barcode scanner. It is very easy to use too, so your staff will need a minimum of training.

The perfect solution for companies with 1 to 50 people, Easify has been designed from the ground up for small businesses.


Stock - Your Products & Services

Easify helps you keep track of your products and services, allowing you to instantly see how much you have in stock.

Run reports to tell you what items you're running low on, and what you need to re-order and who from.

Set your profits by margin or markup, and set VAT rates for individual products. Easify remembers when you last updated your prices so you never need to worry about out of date pricing again.

Create categories so that you can organise your products and services by type, making it easy to navigate your inventory.

Your product inventory is colour coded to instantly alert you when stock levels are running low, or when your prices are getting out of date.


Customer Management

With Easify keeping track of your customers is easy.

Simply enter your customer details into Easify, and they are ready to add to quotes and orders.

Easify tracks your customers purchases allowing you to view their order history at a glance.

Powerful customer search facilities come as standard with Easify, find your customers by name, address, phone number or even email address.


Orders - from Quotation to Payment

Orders form the heart of Easify, bringing together your customers, products and suppliers in an easy to manage yet powerful system.

Here you can raise quotations, track workflow through your company, issue invoices and keep track of who has paid and who hasn't.

Creating quotations and orders is as easy as dragging customers and products together with your mouse pointer.

Easily view the status of your workload. If you want to view all orders that are 'Awaiting Parts', simply select 'Awaiting parts' on the orders screen and you will see a list of orders that are awaiting parts.



Enter your supplier information into Easify and always have their details at your fingertips.

When you have entered your supplier details you can attach them to your products, so that when you come to re-order products Easify will tell you who to buy them from.

Easify allows you to enter detailed notes for all your suppliers, helping to give your purchasing the edge that it needs.


EPOS - Electronic Point of Sale

All the power and ease of use of Easify has been incorporated into a fully featured EPOS system.

Simply plug into easify an electronic till, receipt printer and barcode scanner and you have a full blown EPOS system.

The easify EPOS system is fully networked with all your Easify enabled PCs allowing you to instantly view point of sale transactions from any Easify enabled PC on your network.

Plug in a thermal label printer, and you can print your own barcoded product labels, complete with your company name on them.

We can also supply you with Easify compatible EPOS hardware at competitive prices.


Knowledge Base

Easify comes complete with a fully featured knowledgebase system.

Create your own knowledgebase categories, and easily create articles and crib notes using the built in article editor.

The knowledgebase is the perfect central location to store your company handbook, company procedures and notes. In fact any piece of information that is likely to be forgotten can be quickly and easily entered into your knowledgebase.

The knowledgebase is easy to search, simply enter a word or phrase, hit the search button and relevant articles will be displayed for you.

Don't keep valuable information in people's heads, keep it in the knowledgebase.



Strong security comes as standard with Easify...

Create a user account for each user of Easify, and specify which parts of the system they are allowed to access.

Users are required to login before they can access the system, and when they do they can only access the sections they need to do their jobs.


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