Troubleshooting - Connectivity Issues

Troubleshooting - Connectivity Issues


The Easify Pro Client communicates with your Easify Server via via the internet.

This article discusses how to resolve connectivity issues whereby the Easify Pro Client is unable to communicate with your Easify Server either via the internet.

Check Your Login Credentials

The most common cause of connection issues is simply using the wrong username or password.

Make sure that you are using the correct username and password.

Logging in with an Easify User Subscription

If you are logging in with an Easify User Subscription, make sure that you are logging into Easify with your Easify Website username and password, not the username and password set in Easify itself. This is because when you login with a subscription, your subscription is associated with your Easify Website username (which is in the form of an email address).

Make sure your subscription is valid and has not expired. You can check your subscription status by logging into the Easify website.

Reset Your Easify Server connection Using Easify Pro

If you are still having trouble connecting to your server; or you have been instructed to do so by Easify support, you can also try resetting your server connection via Easify Connection Manager. Please watch the video below in order to learn how to do this.

Network Connectivity Problems

General Network Connectivity

First of all make sure that network cables are securely inserted and in good working order. If you are using WiFi make sure it is enabled and connected to your wireless access point. Also ensure that routers and switches are powered up and working properly.

In the event of problems connecting to your Easify Server, it is always worth powering off your internet router and powering it back up again. This often causes problems where the router appears to be working i.e. you appear to be able to access the internet, but the router has suffered an internal glitch.

Try temporarily disabling the firewall on your PC. Sometimes a firewall such as Windows Firewall can block the connection to your Easify server.

Anti-Virus Software

Some Anti-virus software can interfere with files that are required while running Easify.

For this reason you may need temporarily disable your anti-virus software while installing Easify if you encounter problems during installation.

If you encounter problems running Easify after installation or encounter problems with connecting Easify Pro to a server, you should investigate whether your anti-virus software is conflicting with Easify. The easiest way to determine whether anti-virus software is conflicting with Easify is to temporarily disable your anti-virus software. However some anti-virus software does not fully disable itself when configured to be disabled and in this case the anti-virus software should be temporarily uninstalled and the computer rebooted before proceeding to troubleshoot Easify.

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