Logging in to Easify

Logging in to Easify


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Before you can use Easify Pro you will need to log into it.

NOTE: If you have not yet setup any additional Easify user accounts, Easify will automatically log you in using the built in Easify Administrator account. In this scenario you will not need to login.

Click here for more information about running Easify for the first time.

Logging in allows Easify to determine what parts of Easify you are authorised to access, and also ensures that Easify is properly licensed according to your preferred licensing model.

You can create additional local Easify user accounts for your staff, and can assign each of them their own set of permissions so that they can only access the areas of Easify that are relevant to them.

Click here for more information about setting up additional local Easify user accounts.

NOTE: When you have added additional local users to Easify, you will no longer be automatically logged in as Administrator, instead you will be presented with the login prompt and will need to enter an Easify username and password to access Easify.

Logging in

If you have added additional Easify users you will be prompted to login each time you launch Easify.

Simply enter your Easify username and password and click the Ok button.

NOTE: If you are logging in using an Easify User License Subscription you need to use the same username and password that you use when logging into the Easify Website. This is because your subscription is associated with your Easify website account. In this case your username will be in the form of an email address.

When you have multiple Easify Servers (Companies)

If you have multiple Easify Servers available to you, i.e. you are running multiple companies in Easify, when you launch Easify Pro you will be shown the Company Picker, which displays a list of the available companies that you can log into.

Select a company from the list and click the OK button.

You will then be prompted to log into that company as usual.

NOTE: You can add as many additional companies as you need in Easify. However you will require an additional Easify Server license for each additional company that you install.

Click here for more information about installing an additional Easify Server.

Click here for more information about Easify Server Licensing.

Discovering New Easify Servers

If a new Easify Server has been installed on your network, it will not automatically appear in the Company Picker list.

You can discover new Easify Servers by using the Easify Connection Manager.

Click here to learn more about the Easify Connection Manager.

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