Easify Connection Manager

Easify Connection Manager


The Easify Connection Manager allows you to manage which Easify Servers show on the Company Picker and allows you to automatically discover Easify Servers that do not yet appear in the Company Picker.

You log into Easify using a subscription and this subscription is assigned to your Cloud Server or Servers - (the Cloud Server is where the data is stored for your company).

Click here for more information about how to assign users to your cloud server...

Most users will have only been assigned to one company so you won't see this window when logging into Easify, you will just go direct to the username and password login screen.

However if you have been assigned to more than one company, every time you launch Easify, it will display the Company Picker for you to choose which company to log into.

Easify Connection Picker

Launching the Easify Connection Manager

You can launch the Easify Connection Manager by clicking the Easify Connection Manager button in the Company Picker window.

Easify Connection Picker

Alternatively you can launch the Easify Connection Manager via Tools->Easify Connection Manager.

Easify Connection Manager Menu

The Easify Connection Manager displays a more detailed view of the Easify Servers that were present in the Company Picker window.

Easify Connection Manager

Most users will only see one company in Easify Connection Manager.

Easify Connection Manager Main Features

Each Easify Server (company) is represented by a pale blue panel that displays information about each server.

The first line in each panel is the Company Name.

You can set any of the companies to be the Default Company by selecting it and clicking the Set as Default button. When a company is set as the default company, it will be automatically selected when the Company Picker is displayed, and all you need to do is click the OK button in the Company Picker to proceed to login to the default company.

NOTE: In the example above the first company in the list has been set to the default company you can tell this because it says (default connection) after the company name.

The second line in a panel is the Company Description.

The white panel displays the status of the server connection.

NOTE: The Server Connection status is not updated in real-time. It only reflects the state of the connection when the connection was discovered.

Discovering New Servers

If new Easify Cloud Servers have been made available to you via the internet, you can discover them by clicking the Discover button.

Click here to learn more about Easify Server Discovery.

Deleting a Server

To delete an Easify Server from the Easify Connection Manager, select it by clicking on it and click the Delete button.

NOTE: Deleting a server won't delete the actual server. It will only be deleted from the list of servers that you see on this computer. The server itself and other computers will be unaffected, and it can be rediscovered at any time as long as you are still assigned to it.

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