Connect your online shop to your physical shop

Easify allows you to synchronise stock levels and orders between your premises and your website...

  • Synchronise stock levels

    Easify can automatically synchronise the stock levels in your premises with the stock levels on your website in real-time...

  • All of your orders in one place

    Orders placed on your website are automatically sent to your Easify Server for back-end processing.

  • Manage your business in a single application

    No need to log into your website to add products or manage orders, you can do it all from Easify.

Easify has Multi-Channel eCommerce features built in, which allows it to connect to multiple websites or 3rd party applications at once.

You can easily connect Easify to your Wordpress / WooCommerce shopping cart system using the Easify WooCommerce plugin.

Easify will then be able to upload products to your WooCommerce enabled website which means you only have to enter your products once, and any orders that are placed via your WooCommerce website will be automatically sent back to Easify so that you can process them.

Click here to learn more about the Easify WooCommerce plugin.

Connect to anything with the Easify API...

Easify RESTful API

Easify features a full API which in simple terms means it can be made to communicate with any other system.

For example, Easify can connect to a WooCommerce shopping cart system running on a WordPress website, it does this via a plugin that we have written that uses the Easify API.

So whatever you need to connect Easify to, whether it's an ecommerce website, a 3rd party application or a reporting application, the Easify API means that it is easy for developers to create a bit of code to connect Easify to anything else.


Can I connect Easify to anything?

Yes, if Easify or one of our partners has written a plugin or connector for your particular website or external application then you simply need to purchase a subscription, install the plugin and you're ready to go.

If there isn't an existing connector for your system, you can get your web developers or one of our partners to write one for you.

Because the Easify API is based on industry standard RESTful API techniques, it can be linked into any system that is able to make RESTful API calls.

Do I need to purchase a subscription to be able to use the Easify WooCommerce plugin?

Yes, the Easify WooCommerce plugin is subscription based, you can purchase a subscription here.

Where can I get the Easify WooCommerce plugin?

Simply go to your WordPress dashboard, and then to the Add New Plugin page, and search for "Easify Server WooCommerce". You can install and activate the plugin from there.

Where can I find more information about the Easify RESTful API?

API information can be found here.

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