With an Easify eBay Connector Subscription, you can connect Easify to your eBay shop.

Automatically upload products from Easify to Ebay.

Synchronise stock levels between your premises, eBay and your Website.

A true Multi-channel Ecommerce System.

Save time by uploading products to eBay using the ultra-fast Easify desktop application.

How It Works

Easify is eassy to use small business software...

When your products have been uploaded to eBay from Easify, their stock levels will be kept in sync meaning that when you sell a product via one of your tills, or via the Easify back end, or even via your eCommerce website, the stock level will be instantly and automatically updated on eBay.

Easify is eassy to use small business software...

Because the Easify Pro Windows desktop application is ultra-fast it means you can list products much more quickly and easily than using the eBay website.


  • Upload products from Easify to eBay.
  • Synchronise stock levels between Easify and eBay.
  • Synchronise stock levels between your online shop and eBay.
  • Orders placed on the eBay website automatically sent to Easify for centralised processing. 1
  • Configure selling options once for all of your Easify products, or set specific selling options per individual product.
  • Designed specifically for and supports UK eBay Sellers.
  • Easy to connect to eBay, get connected with a couple of clicks.
  • No limits to the number of products you can list imposed by Easify. 2
  • Quickly list new products with the ultra-fast Easify Windows Desktop application without having to use the slower eBay website.
  • Email error reporting built in, if there is a problem with a listing you will be notified of the problem via email.
  • 1 Order synchronisation feature coming Q3 2019.
  • 2 Easify allows you to list an unlimited number of products, however eBay may impose limits on how many products you can list depending on the status of your eBay account.
Easify is eassy to use small business software...

Early Access Offer

£29 / month £19 / month

The Easify eBay connector is currently part of an early access programme and currently supports uploading products to eBay and synchronising stock levels. We will be releasing the final version in Q3 2019 which will add the ability to have eBay orders automatically sent to Easify.

While the Easify eBay connector is in the early access phase you can take advantage of our early access pricing which gives you a monthly subscription with a 33% discount for life.

Get the Early Access Special Offer Now...

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