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Latest Version 4.45 - 212Mb - Release Date 17th July 2017

If you need to download an older version of Easify you can do so using the links in the update history below...

Update History

Easify V4.45

Update for V4 released July 17th 2017.

Added support for Payment Sense integrated card processing. Also bug fixes for customer statements, product delivery on orders set to completed, order items with null prices, product status blank in Paperwork Designer, price checking multiple products & performance boost to saving of Easify options.

Easify V4.43

Update for V4 released June 13th 2017.

Added Bulk Customer Statement generator, and additional queue management features in the ECommerce Channel Manager. Also various bug fixes and updates.

Easify V4.39

Update for V4 released February 22nd 2017.

Update to add new permission to allow users to mark orders as invoiced, overhaul of Product Importer, various improvements to Order Details Window, added Phone Dialler button to Suppliers Window.

Easify V4.34

Update for V4 released January 24th 2017.

Minor update to resolve issues with order details window and compatibility with Easify Web.

Easify V4.33

Update for V4 released January 17th 2017.

This version is the second major update since the launch of Easify V4. Includes bug fixes, updates and performance improvements. See what's new...

Easify V4.29.1

Update for V4 released November 9th 2016.

Fixed issue in Paperwork Designer when copying paperwork.

Easify V4.29

Update for V4 released October 19th 2016.

Minor update including support for Easify Cloud Server subscriptions.

Easify V4.28

Update for V4 released October 5th 2016.

This version is the first major update since the launch of Easify V4. Includes bug fixes, updates and new features. Change log.

Easify V4.24

V3 Upgrade release July 26th 2016.

This version supports upgrading from Easify V3 to Easify V4.

Easify V4.23

Update release July 19th 2016.

Updates to remote Easify Server discovery code.

Easify V4.21

Initial V4 release July 12th 2016

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