Easify News - 28th August 2013

Today sees the release of the latest version of the Easify Advanced Server Upgrade (EASU) along with a new version of the Easify client software.

Both EASU and Easify 3.64 are FREE upgrades for existing users and bring you more new features, updates and bug fixes. Read on to find out what's new in our latest upgrade...

What's New in EASU V1.0.0.2

This latest version of EASU focuses mainly on enhancements to the eCommerce capabilities of EASU.

With EASU V1.0.0.2 we now include support for the highly popular ecommerce shopping carts OSCommerce and ZenCart. Free and Open Source PHP source code is available from our downloads page or directly from the OSCommerce and ZenCart websites that allows you to easily and quickly connect your OSCommerce or ZenCart online shop to Easify (as long as you have the EASU optional upgrade).

We have added support for new product fields - Weight and DateAdded, both fields are now available via the EASU API allowing them to be used by your ecommerce website.

Several new API methods have been added to give you even more power when pulling order and product details from Easify to your website.

If you are a web developer, here's the low-down on what has changed in the new API.

EASU also includes minor updates bug fixes subsequent to the initial release.

You can download EASU V1.0.0.2 here.

Easify Client Software V3.64

In order to fully support EASU V1.0.0.2 we have released a new version of Easify, you will need to upgrade to this version before installing EASU

While we were at it we took the liberty of also including a few new features and bug fixes with Easify 3.64...

The product importer has been upgraded so that now you can import product sell prices without having to have product margins present. We've also added the ability to automatically import Manufacturers, Suppliers and Product Categories directly from CSV, so it is now even easier than ever to import supplier stock lists directly into Easify. It is now also possible to import reorder amounts, low stock level value, weight and product location.

You can now print price labels for multiple products at once, simply select all of the products that you want to print price labels for, choose how many labels to print for each and off you go...

Since the previous update (Feature Pack 7) some people have reported that their Easify desktop icons have become locked, we've included a fix for this in Easify 3.64.

The Stock Take Report now includes the bin/location.

Various tweaks to the EASU task scheduler to make it easier to manage tasks.

Technical Information

Please Note

If you are planning on upgrading your EASU installation from version (Pre July 2013) to please read through this document to be made aware of the latest changes that could affect your Easify middleware system (the interface between your ecommerce website and the EASU web services).

EASU V1.0.0.2 should only be installed on an Easify database with a version of 3.64.

Newly Added Web Service Methods

Easify Inbound Orders
GetOrders(PrivateKey, FromOrderNo, ToOrderNo)

Returns a collection of order objects

UpdateOrderStatus(PrivateKey, OrderNo, StatusId)

Updates the desired order's status

Easify Inbound Products
GetProductDetailsByEasifySKU(PrivateKey, SKU)

Returns an Easify product matching the given SKU

GetProductsBySubCategory(PrivateKey, SubCategoryId)

Returns a collection of products based on the given sub category id

UpdateStockLevel(PrivateKey, SKU, Qty)

Updates the stock level of the desired product

Newly Added Product Fields

Weight <String>

The weight of the product, no unit measure is presumed.

DateAdded <DateTime>

The date the product was added to the Easify database

Affected Web Service Methods

Easify Outbound Products
UploadProduct(Product, PrivateKey)

The definition of the Product parameter has changed (ShopOMaticData.Products.ProductDetails)

Easify Inbound Products
GetProductDetailsByEasifySKU(PrivateKey, SKU)

The definition of the return type has changed (ShopOMaticData.Products.ProductDetails)

Easify Web Service

The definition for this class, which represents incoming products from the EASU server, must be updated with two new attributes. Weight (String) and DateAdded (DateTime).


This method needs to handle the two new product attributes. Weight (String) and DateAdded (DateTime).

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