Pole Display CD-7220 Serial RS232

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Enhance your POS and help your customers!


This pole display features a bright easily viewable green display featuring 2 lines of 20 characters each.

The CD-7220 is a top-quality customer display in telescopestyle. The vacuum fluorescence displays ensures pin-sharp character definition. The display retains its optimum legibility even in brightly lit environments.

The display can also optionally draw power from a printer, making it independent of a separate power supply unit. The CD-7220 is adjustable in height and can be matched to the requirements of any working environment.

Easily connects to your PC or laptop via Serial

Display Method Vacuum fluorescent
Display Color Blue green
Brightness 400 cd/m2
Interface Serial
Power Consumption 3 Watt
Viewable Angle +/- 20 ° C
Rotation Angle Max 270 ° C
Character Font 5 x 7 dot matrix,
comma and decimal point
Character Size 9.0 mm x 5.25 mm
Character Type 96 alphanumerical,
13 sets and one variable
Number of Characters 40 (20 columns x 2 rows)
40 (20 columns x 2 rows) x 2 sides
Dimension 230 (w) x 80 (h) x 40 (d) mm




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