Easify Server Firewall/Router Setup

Easify SKU: 100123

Easify Server Firewall/Router Setup

When you want to connect to your Easify Server over the internet using your Easify Pro subscription, you will need to configure your internet firewall/router to allow Easify Pro to connect.

If you are a technical user, or have an IT department you can carry out this setup yourself by following our how to guide here - https://www.easify.co.uk/Help/easify_server_publishing_through_firewall.


However if you are not a technical user, or would prefer that you have your installation carried out by an Easify technician, we can setup and configure your internet router for you and get you up and running with a remote connection in no time.


Simply purchase this product and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time that we can remote in and get your firewall/router setup and tested.


Note: In order for us to get you up and running, you will need to ensure that you have a public static IP address on your broadband internet connection. You will need to ask your ISP about this if you are unsure. We are unable to offer support for internet connections that use a dynamic IP address.

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