Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

Setting Up

The loyalty points system allows customers to build up discount based on the amount they have spent with you.

Loyalty Points can be setup here Tools > Options > Products > Loyalty Points.

Enable Loyalty Points

Putting a tick in this box will enable the loyalty points system, when the loyalty points system is enabled customers earn loyalty points that can be used to discount future orders.

Redemption value of a single point

When a customer spends loyalty points, the amount discounted off of the order is calculated using this value.

Points earned per 1.00 spent

This value represents the number of loyalty points earned for each pound / euro etc.. that is spent. Upon an order receiving full payment, loyalty points are calculated and added to the customer record. The amount added is determined by this value and the total value of the order.

Days until a point expires

Loyalty points expire after a set number of days after they have been earned. The default is 90 days.

Points earned per product category (note: only applied to new products)

When a particular product is sold, bonus loyalty points can be earned on top of the amount earned per 1.00 spent.
Bonus loyalty points can be set manually on product records (found under the Loyalty Points tab).

If a loyalty points value is added to a category found in the Points earned per product category list, this value will be used for the bonus loyalty point on any new product records added to that category.

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