NOTE: This help article refers to Easify Version 3 which is no longer the latest version of Easify.

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Returns and Refunds

Processing returns and refunds in Easify POS is a simple as clicking a single button.

When you wish to raise a return or a refund for an item, simply add the item to a sale, select the item and press or click the F7 button.

The quantity of the item will be set to -1 and its price will become negative to reflect that it is being refunded.

You can combine refund/return items and sale items on the same sale. This gives you an easy way to accept an item in for refund and exchange it for another item from stock. Easify will take care of totalling up the sale and recording the correct payments in your sales and financial reports.

You can also process returns via the Orders & Quotes window by setting an order items status to Returned.

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