Easify Pro Licensing Explained

Easify Pro Licensing Explained


Easify Pro comes initially as a 30 day trial.

If you choose to use Easify beyond the 30 day trial period you will need to purchase a license for Easify Pro.

NOTE: You will also need a valid license for your Easify Server. You can read more about Easify Server licensing here.

There are two ways to license Easify Pro:

  • Easify Pro Computer License
  • Easify Pro User License Subscription

Computer License vs User License Subscription

The table below highlights the differences between Computer Licenses and User License Subscriptions

Computer License User License Subscription
One off fee Ongoing monthly subscription
Allows unlimited local users on a single computer running Easify Pro Allows a single named user access to unlimited computers running Easify Pro
Does NOT allow remote access Allows remote access
Does NOT allow access to Easify Cloud Servers Allows access to Easify Cloud Servers
Free updates for lifetime of Easify Pro V4 only Unlimited free lifetime updates

Device License Advantages

One license - many local users

Computer licenses are best suited to computers that will be shared by several members of staff. Such as a till PC where many people will be using the computer during the course of the day.

Having an Easify Pro Computer License on a computer means that there is no limit as to how many people can use Easify Pro on that computer, naturally only one user at a time can use the computer.

A single one off fee

Computer licenses are available for purchase via a one off fee. If you prefer to own your software by paying for it using the traditional "pay up front" method, then Computer Licensing may suit your needs.

User License Subscription Advantages

One license - many computers

Easify Pro User License Subscriptions are associated with a specific user.

This allows the user to log into any Easify Pro computer that they have been granted permission to access.

So for example, if you have 5 computers running Easify Pro in your organisation, and 3 members of staff, giving them an Easify Pro User License Subscription each would allow them to use whichever of the 5 computers they want without having to buy 5 Easify Computer Licenses.

In other words, with an Easify Pro User License you can have Easify Pro running on more computers than you have users.

Access Easify from Anywhere!

Probably the biggest advantage of an Easify Pro User License is that it allows the user to connect to Easify Remotely, so for example you could be running Easify at work, and also install a copy of Easify Pro on a computer at home, and using your Easify Pro User License Subscription you could log into your Easify Server at work using your Easify Pro installation from home.

Equally, with an Easify Pro User License Subscription you could install Easify Pro on a laptop, take it out on a job with you and as long as you have internet access (via WiFi or tethering your mobile phone) you can use Easify Pro out on the road.

Pay as you go - a low monthly payment

Because Easify Pro User License Subscriptions are paid for by a monthly subscription it means you can lower the initial outlay of your Easify installation.

You can license a user on Easify from as little as £1.49 per week.

Lifetime Free Updates

An Easify Pro User License Subscription gives you free lifetime updates to Easify Pro.

Mix and Match

You don't have to choose only one way to license Easify Pro in your organisation, you can mix and match the two.

So if you have (say) two tills that are used by six people, you could buy two Easify Pro Computer Licenses for those computers. All six people could hop between the two tills with only two computer licenses.

And if you are a manager who would like to be able to use any computer running Easify Pro at your place of work, and would also like to be able to remote in from home you could purchase yourself an Easify Pro User License Subscription.

Taking the example a little further, if you have a large warehouse that has five computers running Easify Pro situated at various locations within the warehouse, and you have three warehouse staff working in the warehouse, you could choose to purchase them an Easify User License Subscription each. That way you could purchase three licenses to be able to use five computers instead of having to purchase five computer licenses.

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